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Why american law enforcement is killing blacks

Lately, the country and the world are watching frequent killing of black men by police officers. With the availability of audio/video recording devices and rapid distribution of images and stories through social media, Americans are watching increasing number of events where police is seen using excessive force and unnecessary use of lethal weapons to kill. The data clearly show that victims are dis-proportionally poor, black and Hispanics.
We must examine the root causes of increasingly brutal murders by police and correct the problem to maintain civil society. I suggest militarization of USA police force is one of the contributing factors for this trend. The militarization has happened in two areas: Transfer of sophisticated military weapons to police, and teaching military tactics for use during terror attacks. The story of Homeland security department transferring surplus military equipment to police force is well documented. It has also made budgets available to train officers in military tactics. What is not commonly known is the training of our police in Israel.
After 911, Israel convinced USA that it needed to handle terrorist the same way Israel does. Convinced of successful strong arm tactics used by Israel to continue occupation of Palestine, USA agreed to learn from Israel. That is when the militarization of US police began. USA bought the idea and sent scores of police officers and homeland staff to Israel for training. They were taught the brutal Israeli tactics of shoot first and then ask questions and assume they are enemies. In effect Israeli exported their brutal massacre tactics which they had successfully used to kill thousands of Palestinians over last 70 years to USA and in return made tons of money.
Unfortunately, these well trained American police officers were released on civilians. Blacks and Hispanics (minorities and poor or both) were easier and frequently available targets for these officers. The Jewish controlled US media does not report this part of the story.
Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh of Bethlehem University in Occupied Palestine has documented the export of brutal Israeli tactics to USA police forces. In a recent article this Christian American writes and I quote:
The US is at the brink of civil war. The militarization of the US police has been driven largely by Israel touting the need for “counter-terrorism training”. That training in which hundreds (perhaps thousands so far) of senior US police officers travel to our country (Palestine, now under the regime called “Israel”) to train in the same methods used to quell the native Palestinians. Those “methods” are not too complicated. They rely on two elements: brutality and racism. Jewish soldiers and “police” learn and teach that rights are only for the chosen people and the natives have no rights. So shoot first then if need be you can ask questions later. The US officers trained by Israeli regime officers go back to the USA and train yet more white officers to be racist. People are fed-up in the US (now it has the highest incarceration rate in the world and yet is not safer than most Western countries). The US public needs to be told the truth about what is going on here. The militarization of the US police forces must end and be reversed now. Police should become community policing and reflective of the diversity of the communities they serve. The Israel lobby should be at least registered as foreign lobby and curbed when it undermines US interests. (End of quote)
Oostur Raza

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